Friday, March 2, 2018

March 2018

We've got a lot of exciting things going on. Please note the information about the public meetings on March 19, and please make time to join us!

Please feel free to contact me about anything.

Lisa West
Tennis Center Coordinator
503-635-5550 front desk
503-697-2832 direct

Public Meetings on March 19
Below is the official announcement about upcoming public meetings regarding the Tennis Center Addition Project. We hope everyone comes to a meeting on March 19! 

The Tennis Center Addition Process has begun!
Join us on Monday, March 19 to make your voice heard,
be part of the tennis community’s vision for its future.

The Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Department invites the public to attend one of two public outreach opportunities as it begins planning for an addition to the Tennis Center.

Come meet the project team, view concept drawings, and learn what efforts are underway, what the plans are for the future, and how you can help make the addition a reality.

We will have opportunities during the public meetings to get your feedback, input, thoughts and ideas on the information presented.

Date: March 19, 2018
Location: Palisades Gym, 1500 Greentree Road, Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Time: 1:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.

We want the Tennis Center addition to meet the needs of the tennis community. Make sure your voice is heard!

Light snacks and beverages will be served.

We will make every effort to update information as the planning process progresses; please check back often.

Online Court Reservations
We've had a lot of positive feedback about our new online court reservation system. If you haven't used it yet, make a reservation and let us know what you think! It takes about 10 seconds to book your court once you've found the one you want. 

Card Keys
Just a quick note about card keys this month: if you're booking a court outside of our office hours, please remember that you need a card key. There's a reminder on your receipt when you book a court online, but we know not everyone reads those. If you have any doubt, please call the front desk at 503-635-5550 and ask if you will need a card key. We'll do everything we can to make it easy for you to get one.

Men's Night Saturday, March 3, 6-8p
Our next Men's Night is tomorrow, Saturday, March 3 from 6-8 p.m. This is a chance to meet new people, sharpen your skills, practice with your teammates, and just have fun! The cost is $15. To register, call the front desk at 503-635-5550, or sign up at using activity number 17287.

One-Night Clinics
Join John Auer on Tuesday and/or Thursday nights from 8:30-10 for a fast-paced clinic for players 4.0 and above. Each 90-minute clinic costs $20, and pre-registration is optional, but greatly appreciated.  Call us at 503-635-5550 to register.

Sponsorship Opportunities
We have some new and exciting ways you can be involved at the Tennis Center as a sponsor! If you own or work for a company that might be interested in sponsorship, please send me an email and I can connect you with the person who can make it happen!

Upcoming USTA Deadlines
There are so many different USTA leagues. We know it's hard to keep track of them all. or to know when a new league might be starting. We know this because it's hard for us to keep track, too! We usually have an idea of what's coming up next, but not necessarily when the USTA will send out information to players regarding due dates and etc. The USTA Pacific Northwest (Northern Oregon is our section) publishes their league schedule online and that's really the best way for you to keep up with what's happening and when. 
Thanks for reading this issue of LOve the Game, and thank you for your continued support of LOTC! We really hope to see you on March 19!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

February 2018

Some exciting announcements in this edition!

Please feel free to contact me about anything.

Lisa West
Tennis Center Coordinator
503-635-5550 front desk
503-697-2832 direct

Online Court Reservations – Coming Soon!
Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation is happy to announce that we are working with Playven Inc. to provide you with an online court booking system. Soon, you will be able to check availability, reserve and pay online. Look for more details in the next few days.
The Heat is On
We’ve discovered that our new energy-efficient lights have not only lowered our energy bill, but also lowered our on-court temperatures.  To help warm things back up, we will be installing heaters. Heater installation requires us to close the courts, so to avoid addition disruption in play, they will be installed during our regular August shutdown. Thanks for your patience!

Tennis Center Addition Project
We’ve begun some preliminary planning on a potential addition to the Tennis Center building. We are gathering information, and we’re on target to have concept drawings complete this spring. Look for announcements and more information about the Tennis Center Addition Project in future editions of our newsletter. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or comments about this project, contact Lisa West at 503-697-2832 or Carol Hartley, Tennis Center Manager at 503-675-2547.

 Welcome, Jelena Lazarevic! 
We're really excited to welcome Jelena Lazarevic to the teaching staff. Jelena is from Serbia, and she recently graduated from the University of Portland, where she played tennis for four years.  Prior to that, she played on the WTA tour and achieved a ranking of 1,016, and taught tennis in Serbia with an ITF certification.
Men's Night!
We introduced Men's Night in November, and the feedback was so good that we decided to make it a monthly event! This is a chance to meet new people, practice, and just have fun! We will have Men's Night on the first Saturday of the month, from 6-8pm. The cost is $15. The next one will be Saturday, March 3. To register, call the front desk at 503-635-5550, or sign up at

One-Night ClinicsJoin John Auer on Tuesday and/or Thursday nights from 8:30-10 for a fast-paced clinic for players 4.0 and above. Each 90-minute clinic costs $20, and pre-registration is optional, but greatly appreciated.  Call us at 503-635-5550 for more information.

Card Keys
Card keys seem to be a permanent topic in this newsletter. If you reserve courts at the Tennis Center, you (or someone in your group) should have a card key. Even if we are normally staffed during your reservation time, something may come up and the door may be locked. For a stress-free experience, make sure someone has a card key so you can access your reserved court when the door is locked.

Speaking of the Locked Door...
There obviously has been a long history of people propping the door open for their group members who may not have card keys. We see this most often when someone puts a brochure (those cost money, by the way) in the door to keep it from latching, but we've also seen perfectly folded pieces of paper in the latch and, occasionally, the door just left wide open. We understand that not everyone is willing to buy a card key (what we don't understand is why), but we ask again that you either pressure your group members to get their own, or wait for them and let them in. An unlocked door with no staff on duty is a security concern for everyone, but especially for our staff. Please help us by making sure the door locks behind you.

This is the time of the year when the courts are packed. You can book courts up to a week in advance, and it's a good idea to plan ahead. Also, especially since there are so many people here, please remember to be considerate of other players. That means waiting until your scheduled time to enter, not talking if you decide to wait behind the courts, and exiting the court when your reservation is done.
Thanks for reading this issue of LOve the Game, and thank you for your continued support of LOTC!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

November 2017


It's been a while since we had an issue of the newsletter. Sorry about that. But here we go!

Please feel free to contact me about anything.

Lisa West
503-635-5550 front desk
503-697-2832 direct

Introducing Men's Night!

Register now! #17180
Saturday, December 2, 7-9 p.m.
Level 3.5 and above, Ages 16+
$10 if you register before December 1, $20 after

Join our pro Paul Hesser for a fun night of tennis! The format is subject to the number of attendees, but the plan is to use all four courts (three courts of rotating doubles and a court of fast-paced drills with Paul). This is an excellent way to meet new people for tennis and have a great time.

Mixer Survey
We get asked about mixers at least once a week, so we're going to start with a men's night. We have ideas for other mixers and events, so we will probably try a few different things in the coming months. Because of limited court availability, these things can be difficult to schedule, so when we do it, we want to get it right. You can help by filling out our survey. It's easy and anonymous. We don't collect any personal information from you, and all the questions are optional. You can find the survey here.

Winter/Spring Registration
Registration for winter and spring will open at 10 a.m. on Monday, December 11 for Lake Oswego residents, and 10 a.m. on Monday, December 18 for everyone. You can register online or give us a call at 503-635-5550.

One thing to note: winter/spring registration is for both winter and spring. You can sign up for anything in the catalog in December, and there is no separate date for spring classes. 

Card Keys
It's time for a reminder that if you or someone in your group doesn't have a card key, you need to get one. Accessing your court is your responsibility. Winter is definitely on its way, and sometimes you can make it here, but we can't. This is also true in other situations--someone on staff may be sick or have an emergency and be unable to come in, and you may find the door locked when it wouldn't normally be. It doesn't happen often, but we want you to be prepared. Your card key will allow you to access your reserved court in case something like that happens.

You can get a new card key or renew your old one by stopping by the front desk, or you can give us a call and we can mail one to you if needed. The cost is $10 for one year (that's 83 cents a month), or $30 for four years (only 63 cents a month).

New Office Hours
This winter, we're going to try changing our office hours during the week. Instead of being open until 8 p.m., we'll be open until 6. You may need a card key, even if you thought you didn't before.  We are open to feedback about this change, and may change it back if it doesn't work for you.  

Holiday Schedule
Holidays are another reason you might need your card key. The courts are open every day, except during our annual maintenance closure in August. However, the office isn't open every day. We will be closed for two days in November:

Thursday, November 23 (Thanksgiving Day)
Friday, November 24

If you have a reservation for either of those days, you will definitely need a card key.

This is the time of the year when the courts are packed. I'm writing this on a Saturday, and we only have two available hours left today. You can book courts up to a week in advance, and it's a good idea to plan ahead. Also, especially since there are so many people here, please remember to be considerate of other players. That means waiting until your scheduled time to enter, not talking as you are waiting behind the courts, and exiting the court when your reservation is done.   
Thanks for reading this issue of LOve the Game, and thank you for your continued support of LOTC!

Mixer Survey

Friday, December 23, 2016

December 2016

Some helpful reminders here. Hope you enjoy this issue of LOve the Game, and Happy Holidays!

Lisa West
503-697-2832 direct
503-635-5550 front desk

Holiday Schedule
The courts are open every day, but our office will be closed from Saturday December 24-Monday December 26, so you'll need your card key for your reservation. We will reopen on Tuesday, December 27.

Card Keys
Forgive me for harping on this for the second month in a row, but I do want to remind you that if you or someone in your group doesn't have a card key, you need to get one. We saw last week with the weather that our staff can't always make it in, even if you can. That doesn't only happen during bad weather--sometimes we're sick, have family emergencies, etc. etc. etc. and there may be times when we would normally be here, but for some reason we're not, and the door is locked. Your card key will allow you to access your reserved court in case something like that happens.

Another note about card keys: if you don't have one, please don't depend on someone else to let you in. Yes, you might be able to get in the door when someone else is coming or going, but please don't go around and bang on the side doors for someone to let you in. This is disruptive to players on the courts. Please be considerate of other players, and be responsible for accessing your court.

Seasonal Renewals
Thanks to all of you, the seasonal renewal process went more smoothly than it ever has, even though we were delayed by the weather for a few days. We really appreciate that you read our emails, asked questions, and helped us get your information updated and in order.

Seasonal Courts
We had very little turnover in our seasonals this time, but if you're interested in a seasonal court, check with us--we may have something that works for you.

Thanks for reading this issue of LOve the Game, and thank you for your continued support and another great year!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 2016

Lots of information here. Hope you enjoy this issue of LOve the Game, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Lisa West
503-697-2832 direct
503-635-5550 front desk

Winter/Spring Registration
Registration for Winter/Spring will open for Lake Oswego Residents on Monday, December 5 at 10am, and it opens for everyone on December 12 at 10am. One of the most common misconceptions about Winter/Spring is that there are two separate registration dates for Winter and Spring. That is not true. On either December 5 or December 12, you'll be able to register for any class in the Winter/Spring catalog.

Many people want to sign up for Winter classes, and then make a decision later about Spring. That's understandable, but be aware that our classes fill up fast and you may not be able to get a spot if you wait. If you sign up for Spring and it turns out that it won't work for you, you can cancel the class at least five business days before it starts and receive a full credit on your account, or a refund minus a $5 fee.

Holiday Hours
The Tennis Center is open every day of the year from 6am-10pm. And because we always get these questions: yes, that includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day, and your birthday. However,
the office isn't staffed on major holidays, including the ones we have coming up like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. Because of the way the holidays fall this year, and because we want our staff to have some time with their families, the office will be closed on the following days:

Thursday, November 24 (Thanksgiving)
Friday, November 25 (Day after Thanksgiving, City holiday)
Saturday, December 24 (Christmas Eve)
Sunday, December 25 (Christmas Day)
Monday, December 26 (Christmas Day observed, City holiday)

We'll let you know about January holidays in the next issue. These dates only apply to office staff. If you have a regular lesson with a pro, it's a good idea to check with them regarding their holiday schedule.

If you have a court reserved on any of these days, including a seasonal reservation, City League practice, etc., you will need a card key (see below) to access the building, because the door will be locked.

Card Keys
You can purchase a card key (they technically aren't cards anymore, but the name stuck) at the office (or by phone, and we will mail you the key) for $10 for a year, or $30 for four years. There is still some confusion about how the dates on the keys work: since we have gone to our new system and the smaller key fob, the keys are good for one year from the date of purchase (or four years, if you go with that option). We don't use the old September-May term anymore.

Access to your reserved court is your responsibility. We know how important your court time is to you, so we recommend that at least one person in your group, on your team, etc. have a card key, even if you play during a time when the office is normally open. There might be holiday closures and, although we certainly always expect the door to be unlocked during normal office hours, it's not an absolute guarantee. We have a small staff and some of us go to school and/or have other jobs, so if someone is sick, has an emergency, or can't get here because of weather, we may not always have someone to fill in. We absolutely will do our best to have someone here, but there may be times when that just isn't possible and the door is locked. If you have a card key, this won't disrupt your scheduled play.

Women's City League
Our women's City League teams are looking for a few players from the 2.5-3.5 level. If you're interested, please email for more information.

Seasonal (Lottery) Courts
If you have a seasonal court, the last day of the first half is Wednesday, January 18, 2017. We will be renewing courts for the second half on December 15. If you want to renew, you don't need to do anything, and we will charge the second half to the same card we used for the first half.  If you don't want to renew, please let us know before December 15. We will send a reminder email to seasonal holders. And because this is a very common question: The second half runs from January 19-May 31.

If you don't currently have a seasonal court, and you're interested in buying one for the second half, we will know what's available after December 15. Just give us a call at 503-635-5550 and we'll see if we can find something for you.

USTA League Play
The deadline for teams in the 18+ USTA league (men's or women's, not mixed) is December 7. We still have room for a few more teams, but expect those slots to be filled before the deadline. If you're thinking about captaining a team this year, contact us at 503-635-5550. You don't need any experience to be a captain--just a willingness to take it on, and enough people to make it work.

We get a lot of questions about playing USTA and how it works, so here are some basic answers. Captains organize their own teams, so the best way to get on a team is to ask around (or at the front desk) to find our who's captaining at your level. If you know that person or someone who will put you in touch with them, you can contact them to find out if they have openings on their team. This is probably the most efficient way to go about it. Otherwise, you can call the front desk and let us know you're interested in playing. We will ask you for some information, like your level, your contact info, and your age (don't be offended by this; some leagues are for certain age ranges like 40+ or 65+, and we want to keep you in mind for as many opportunities as you're eligible for). Then, if a captain comes to us looking for a player, and it looks like you're a fit, we'll pass your info along to them.

The cost for USTA play is basically the cost of a USTA membership, if you don't have on, plus the cost of registering for the team, which also goes to the USTA. Your team also pays for the court time for your home matches. Your captain decides how that will be split up, but generally you could expect to pay around $40 for the season.

That's it for this issue. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 2016

Happy fall! Hope you enjoy this issue of LOve the Game!

Lisa West
503-697-2832 direct
503-635-5550 front desk

Special Olympics Campaign
You probably know by now that the Tennis Center runs the only Special Olympics tennis program in the Pacific Northwest, but do you know what that means? For an hour on Saturdays during the fall, winter and spring, all four courts are filled with athletes learning tennis skills and volunteers helping out however they're needed. Longtime instructor Gerri Allen does an amazing job the program. The athletes do not pay to participate. The Tennis Center covers the cost of the program, which includes equipment, court time, staff time, prizes for the participants at season's end, and a volunteer appreciation lunch once a year.

Whenever we publicize our Special Olympics program, we get a lot of inquiries from people who want to volunteer. We love our volunteers, but we realize this isn't an option for everyone, for a number of reasons. So we've come up with another way you can help: a donation campaign. This will help defray our costs, keep the equipment in good condition (we use a lot of foam balls and while their life expectancy is much better than that of regular pressurized balls, they do start to come apart after a while), and allow us to provide more and better prizes at season's end. Every donation we receive stays in the Special Olympics program.

If you'd like to help, here's how:

Go  here to make your donation. You'll see this page:

Just enter your donation amount, and check out (you will need to create an account with Parks and Rec if you don't have one). That's all there is to it! Your donation will help this important program, and make you feel good, too!

In case you missed it, there was an article in The New York Times on Saturday about efforts to make tennis more green, especially in terms of tennis ball recycling. We made a commitment in 2013 that we wouldn't send even one more ball to a landfill and we have kept that commitment. Not only do we donate all of our used lesson balls, but we take in your used tennis balls and donate them as well. I would estimate that we donate over 10,000 balls a year to all kinds of organizations and individuals. We have worked with both ReBounces and Retour Tennis., companies mentioned in the article. Maybe one day we'll resurface our courts with used tennis balls!

One other note: This fall we made the switch to Penn balls for our classes and for sale in the office. We believe the ball itself is very similar to what we used before. We made this change solely because the Penn can is 100% recyclable.

Lottery Winner
Well, hes not THAT kind of lottery winner, but Jim DeWeese was the #1 pick in this year's seasonal lottery, so that's close enough for us! As such, we thought it would be fun to learn a little more about Jim.

Jim is the Regional Developer for Oregon for Massage Envy, and he and his wife, Rita, own two clinics.

Jim has been playing at the Tennis Center for about 15 years. He plays on his lottery court with his wife Rita DeWeese, Calvin Chen, Kristi Vargas. Brian Madden, Karie Richardson, and Kathy Budnick. Additionally, he's played on USTA teams and taken classes at the Tennis Center. His daughter, Sarah, is part of the Special Olympics program, and Jim and Rita have both volunteered for that over the years.

Tennis isn't Jim's only sport. "I still play a lot of basketball and still compete in national and international basketball tournaments at my advanced age," he says. "It's very important to stay active and have a social network, which tennis and basketball provide." He adds that although he and Rita are members at the MAC, they prefer to play with their LO Tennis friends!

Lottery Courts
We still have some lottery courts available. Please give us a call at the front desk at 503-635-5550 for information about available times. We can pro-rate the court for you since the season has already started.

New Addition

Our customers are very excited about our new vending machine! If you haven't noticed it yet, it's in the walkway, near courts 2 and 3. The machine takes debit and credit cards (and cash, of course), and there is a range of more healthy and less healthy items, so there should be something for you if you miss breakfast, or if you need some sugar after a match! We do ask that you please respect our facility and be thoughtful about what you take onto the courts. Most of all we, hope you enjoy the convenience of having the machine!

Shout Outs
Congratulations to our USTA teams who represented us at sectionals last month! Captains were Ann Skoog, Barb Lipscomb, and Tennis Center instructor Brian Hughes.

Enjoy the rest of the good weather!