Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer Jr. Competitive Program

Hello, Jr. Competitive parents and players!

It's time to sign up for summer tennis!

As we did last summer, we have the Jr. Competitive Program running on a weekly basis this summer. All classes will be Monday-Thursday, except the week of July 4 (Week 3), which will be Tuesday-Thursday. Just choose the weeks you're available!

The weeks are as follows:

Week 1: 6/20-6/23
Week 2: 6/27-6/30
Week 3: 7/5-7/7
Week 4: 7/11-7/14
Week 5: 7/18-7/21
Week 6: 7/25-7/28
Week 7: 8/1-8/4
Week 8: 8/8-8/11
Week 9: 8/15-8/18

The cost is $80 per week for Lake Oswego residents, and $100 for non-residents. Week 3 is prorated because of the July 4 holiday: $60 for residents, and $75 for non-residents.

The program is divided into two levels for summer. Here is the best way to sum it up for you, since you've been in the program during the school year: if you were in Mon/Wed 4pm, or Tu/Th 4:30pm, you should most likely be in Level 1. If you are in (or just finished) elementary school, you should be in Level 1. If you played for a high school team (either JV or Varsity), or if you were in the Mon/Wed 3p, Mon/Wed 5:30p, or Tue/Thu 3p, you should be in Level 2. If you aren't sure where you should be, please call the Tennis Center at 503-635-5550 and clarify. We'll be glad to help.

Level 1 is from 12-1:30p, and Level 2 is from 1:30-3p.

To summarize:

You should be in Level 1 if:
  1. You were in Mon/Wed 4p
  2. You were in Tue/Thu 3:30p
  3. You are in, or just finished, elementary school

You should be in Level 2 if:
  1. You were in Mon/Wed 3p
  2. You were in Mon/Wed 5:30p
  3. You were in Tue/Thu 3p
  4. You played JV or Varsity tennis for a high school team
You can register online at (search for Jr. Competitive), or call us at the Tennis Center at 503-635-5550. We're happy to help you find the right class!

If you have any questions, please email me or call the Tennis Center at 503-635-5550.


Lisa West
Tennis Coordinator

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